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Clean MicroTurbine Generators for Smart-Grid Distributed Power

About Co-generation and Combined Heat and Power.

Distributed generation (DG) is local electric power generation, usually close to the facility where the power is used.  Co-generation is the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat.  Co-generation is often described as combined heat and power (CHP).

CHP has been in use for many many years, usually at larger commercial-industrial facilities.  Much of New York City is heated and powered by co-generation, or CHP.  ATD makes CHP available to residences and small businesses.  CHP cuts the cost of energy to the user and reduces the amount of energy consumed by the user.  CHP is economically compelling and ecologically friendly.

Capture as much energy as possible from the engine-generator unit.
ATD’s CHP systems generate electricity efficiently to be used onsite or to be sold to the grid (the local electric power utility), and recover as much as possible of the heat energy from the engine to be used for practical purposes, e.g., heating water.

When compared to the emissions generated by a typical power plant, one of our 10 kWe units will reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by NN tons/year.
ATD is working to change the ways that consumers produce and use electricity and heat by empowering consumers to generate electricity on site so that they can use the heat that is a fundamental byproduct of electricity generation for practical purposes.

Our CHP units are quiet and compact.

Referral-based business
Make CHP even more rewarding.  Simply tell your friends and family about clean, more affordable energy.  They'll be able to take control of their utility bills and you will be paid for each one who signs up with us through your referral.