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Clean MicroTurbine Generators for Smart-Grid Distributed Power
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Distributed Power Generation/Cogeneration

  • Combined cooling and power (CCHP)
    • Centrally controllable by electric utility
    • 20,000 of our 5kW units provide the power of a modern natural-gas fueled 100 megawatt power plant with much greater flexibility
  • Power is generated much closer to the users
    • Alleviates problems foreseen for neighborhoods where plug-in electric vehicles are clustered
    • Brownouts will be history
    • Waste heat is accessible for co-generation on site
  • 25+% fuel efficency for electric generation
  • 85+% overall fuel efficency with cogeneration
    • Hot water and swimming pool heating
    • Air Conditioning and space heating
  • Compatible with all future smart-grid plans but deployable sooner

Ecological, Economical, Reliable

  • ATD's MicroTurbine genset burn a wide range of gaseous or liquid fuels, e.g..
    • Biogas
    • Biodiesel
    • Propane
    • Methane
    • Diesel
  • They burn these fuels cleanly
  • When power generation is combined with heating and cooling applications (cogeneration), ATD's systems are extremly fuel efficient
  • Gas turbines are inherently reliable - one moving part
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