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Advanced Turbine Designs is a pioneer in low cost microturbine electric generators. 

The dream of distributed electrical power generation will finally become a reality, as ATD’s gas turbine gensets will enable clean, efficient, combined heat and power to be deployed throughout the residential and small business markets.  

20,000 of ATD’s 5kW gensets provides the capacity of a modern 100MW power plant, with unmatched flexibility and efficiency.  ATD’s gensets can burn virtually any gaseous or liquid fuels, with natural gas being ideal for residential distributed power.  ATD’s systems will be remotely controllable by the electric utility to address peak requirements for the grid, as well as providing primary and backup power and heat for the specific location.

ATD has invested years in development of its microturbine technology, as well as drawing upon many decades of gas turbine experience among its uniquely qualified technical team.