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Collective Experience

Aerodynamicist: 60 years of experience in aviation, small gas turbines, and turbomachinery technology. Fellow ASME and Associate Fellow AIAA.
Applied Mechanics: 39 years of experience in aerospace and turbocharger industries. Managed applied mechanics for centrifuge program turbochargers.
Combustion: 25 years of design/development for a major gas-turbine engine manufacturer focusing on for a wide variety of gas turbine combustion systems spanning industrial engines to micro-turbines.
Controls: 33 years of professional experience including 29 years with a major gas turbine engine manufacturer. Successfully led design and development of an after-burning engine.
Controls and Power Electronics: 16 year experience in the field of high speed flywheel development specializing in flywheel levitation and controls, system architecture, power electronics and controls, vacuum systems, high-speed rotor dynamics, balancing, containment, software development, and manufacturing.
Electrical Hardware and Agency Certification:  30 years of experience in the field of industrial power applications, including system and circuit design, manufacturing setup, documentation and certification of AC industrial motor controls.
Designer: 8 years as a pilot and 24 years as a turbocharger designer, focusing on larger commercial diesel turbochargers.
Heat exchangers: 39 years of industrial experience including design of heat transfer components for spacecraft and aircraft systems including DC-10, F15/15/18, 747 and 767.
Power electronics: 51 years of experience including light-rail traction, industrial high-speed drives, power electronics for micro-turbine gensets, and inverters and controls at the 8 MW level.
Power electronics: 12 years of industrial experience including digital power electronics and magnetic bearing controls for a commercial flywheel energy storage system.
Rotor dynamics: 40 years of industrial experience including “one-shot” balancing method for large turbine generator sets, and advanced balancing for centrifuges and high-speed turbochargers.                

This remarkable group of technologists is available on demand, thus allowing Advanced Turbine Designs access to the most talented technologists in the business.

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