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The E5 is a 5 kW gas turbine auxiliary power unit (APU), whose power rating ranks it as a micro-turbine. The engine will operate with diesel, natural gas, propane or biofuels.
It is the core engine for ground-based power systems with both commercial and non-commercial applications.
Featuring a recuperator for optimal thermodynamic performance, the engine is both efficient and clean. The challenge of NOx emissions is met through a proprietary control system (patent pending). The overall design concept will assure low emissions over the life of the engine, without complex emissions controls and associated maintenance.
The gas turbine is more reliable than a reciprocating engine because it has many fewer moving parts and because it is free from sub-systems, which must be maintained to avoid failure.
The co-annular combustor features proprietary air-blast nozzles for simplicity and performance. Surrounding air temperatures are managed to optimize life and performance.
Promoting efficient thermal management, the recuperator is concentric with the combustor. The proprietary design lends itself to low-cost production, with patents pending for the recuperator design concept.
Building on a tradition of automotive manufacturing and aerospace performance experience, the E5 will offer high performance at acceptable cost levels.

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