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  E5 Turbine

The Advanced Turbine Designs E5 engine is a recuperated gas turbine engine, complete with power electronics. The output is electric, with clean exhaust air available for heating and refrigeration. The design specifications are:

• Power output: 5 kW
• Engine thermodynamic efficiency: 25+%
• THC: <1 gm/kW-hr
• CO @ 5 kW: <1 gm/kW-hr
• NOx @ 5 kW: <7.5 gm/kW-hr
• Service intervals of 8,000 hours, at which time filters will be changed

Technical features:

• Proprietary balancing and damping technology, allowing placement of the wheel set and motor/generator on a single shaft
• No maintenance required for emissions control due to thermodynamic cycle and a proprietary low-NOx combustion process
• Counter-flow recuperator
• Lightly-loaded centrifugal compressor and radial turbine
• Permanent magnet motor-generator

An advanced second iteration engine is being designed for low-cost manufacturing with lean manufacturing techniques.

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